Creates a new stream and launches the requested application.

It is highly recommended to send either client_ip or region when making a stream request in order to ensure an optimal experience for all users.

Command Line

You can pass command line arguments to your application at run-time using the command_line parameter in your API request. This will override any default arguments you have set, so be sure to include all required arguments.

Be aware when setting a command line argument that we do not perform escaping of any kind. We highly recommend that you use double-quotes (") to wrap all parameters that may contain a space, especially file paths and user attributes.

In addition to standard strings, we also support special tokens that are replaced before being passed into your application. This allows you to pass in paths to files or session variables that are unknown when the request is made.

We currently support the following tokens:

@xio:file_provider:PROVIDER_ID@The path to the root of the requested provider without a trailing slash. Provider ID is retrieved from the id attribute of your file provider config.
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